Selling Guide

From sale through to settlement, your Florent & Mundey Sales Team will be there to guide and support you through every step of the selling process. Some of the key steps and decision points include:

Appraisal - using a combination of our in-depth market knowledge, our recent sales data, comparable sales data and sophisticated appraisal methodologies including depreciated replacement cost calculations, we will provide you with an accurate and reliable estimated selling price range in which we think your property will sell.

Timing - we sell properties 365 days a year and based on our experience the best time to sell your property is simply when it suits you. There are always buyers in the market and in winter there is less supply of properties so it really doesn't matter. Buyers buy all year round when it suits them such as when they retire, relocate, up-size/down-size etc. Properties that are presented and priced well will normally sell within 1-3 months. Prior to placing your property on the market allow 1-2 weeks for contracts and marketing materials to be prepared.

Home Presentation - First impressions are lasting impressions so you will want to leave buyers with the best possible impression of your property. From our experience we know that a home that is well presented and "sparkles" will sell both faster and at a higher price as it appeals to more buyers. Buyers feel more comfortable paying a premium for a property that is well presented and cared for. Buyers also form the impression that what they cannot see must also be well maintained. Look at your house objectively and from a buyer's perspective. Some of the basic things that can be done to make your home more appealing to buyers include:

  • House wash - external
  • Tidy-up, clean & declutter - internal
  • Remove & store large furniture/pieces etc
  • Steam clean carpets/wash floors
  • Spruce up the gardens/clean pool
  • Let the light in
  • Furnish for the "lifestyle effect"
  • Kitchens and bathrooms must be sparkling clean
  • Get out the paint brush

Given how many people do nothing to improve the presentation of their property simply doing something will not only strengthen your chances of a sale but will help improve the potential sales price as well. Before placing your home on the market we can provide you with detailed recommendations on home presentation improvements that will increase the sales price. We can also recommend a local leading property stylist and/or colour consultant to provide you with further specialised assistance.

Asking Price - It is crucial that the asking price be set at a level that will attract buyers and not scare them away. You should do your own research of similar properties on the market and attend some open homes to compare to your own property. Find out what similar properties in your area actually sold for. Be honest and objective and keep in mind that most properties actually sell for much less than the advertised asking price. If your property fails to attract an offer or sufficient enquiry in the first 3-4 weeks of marketing it is generally a sure sign that the initial asking price was too high. You will need to correct the price to maintain the momentum created by the first 3-4 weeks of marketing. If you fail to correct the price at this stage you run the risk of it going stale with buyers who will avoid it thinking it is overpriced. Remember that buyers inspect many properties before they buy and know the market well. We can help you determine a suitable starting price for your home and review it periodically based on the enquiry levels, offers received and prevailing market conditions.

Marketing Plan - when it comes to marketing there is no such thing as "one size fits all". Each property has unique features and benefits and we will work in consultation with you to highlight your property's individual attributes via multiple mediums. This means potential buyers are seeing property profiles via a broad range of online marketing and traditional advertising vehicles that are rich in information and interactivity. Some agents will have you believe that advertising doesn't matter and that it will not result in a higher price in a shorter time frame. Don't be fooled, this is nonsense. It is a well-known and proven fact that a broadly based property marketing campaign will achieve competitive interest from the buyer pool and therefore increase the chances of a sale at a higher price. Advertising is critical for your property to stand out from the rest and to be noticed by potential buyers.

Buyer Inspections - in consultation with you, we will devise a plan for opening your home to potential buyers. Depending on your preferences and circumstances, this may be a set schedule of open homes, inspections by appointment or both.

Negotiating Strategy - this is the most critical stage of the selling process and it involves not only price considerations, but also many additional terms and conditions of sale. If you get it right it can result in many more thousands of dollars in your pocket. On the other hand if done poorly it can be a very expensive and costly experience. With a reputation for our strong negotiation skills, Florent & Mundey will advise you in all aspects of the sale negotiating process. This is the area that we most enjoy and specialise in. Our goal is always the same - to deliver an outstanding sales result for you.